Went on a quiet Wednesday evening. Portions were good, service was fast. Food was delicious, tasted fresh and arrived as expected (the server was knowledgeable and accurate in describing items).
- Joshua Rose

Best dim sum in Ottawa.
- Zhang Ivory

Everything I had here was awesome. Especially, dim sums were hands down. My wife really liked the steamed squid.
- Suk Hur

Very fun and tasty Cantonese restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown. Servers walk through the aisles with food trays, and ask if you would like some of the dishes they are serving. If you would like some, they give you the portions, and mark on your table's sheet of paper how many servings you got. After your meal, you pay for the food your table received. It's a very fun and efficient way of dining, as you can eat as much or as little of anything as you'd like, and there's something particularly fun about the suspense & anticipation of waiting for your favourite dish to come at some point during your meal. The food is very tasty and really quite classic dim sum.
- Sean Miller 

Good restaurant, tasty food, nice view if you get a window seat. Egg rolls are the best I've ever had, but eat only one — you need to leave room for amazing fried and caramelised banana dessert. Steamed bass was perfect and pepper crab outstanding. Leave with a smile every time I go.
- P.A. Spaneil

Hands down the best spring rolls in the city if not the universe — never order just one. I also like the moo shu pork, eggplant in black bean sauce, Shanghai noodles, stir fried broccoli — but really you can’t go wrong— Yangtze is the best Chinese in town in my opinion
- Amy Bartlett

Really authentic Chinese food, better than those in Toronto.
- Alex Mow